For a relaxing afternoon inside or on a lovely springs/summers day IN THE PARK; indulge in our teas bites
Rich chocolately fudge brownies, soft chewy centre available in the following flavours; 
  cookies n’ cream – bounty – Toffee – crisp POPCORN – ferrero roche – Snickers Pecan Nutty Walnut –  Red Velvet -Salted Caramel Pretzel – *Cheesecake brownie*
                                  (Available in all flavours above as well as cake flavours; enquire on order)                                                                                 
Butter Cookies
melt in your mouth cookies, splendid with afternoon tea or coffee, available in many flavours (please enquire on order)
a classic afternoon favourite; sweet pastry filled with your choice of Jam/Preserve – white Chocolate – Milk/Dark Chocolate – Salted or NON Salted Caramel – Creme Patisserie & Seasonal Fruits – Custard NUTMEG
               banoffe pie surprise            
                      biscuit case filled with layers of banana & caramel topped with fresh cream and chocolate shards: and if i told what the surprise was..it would never be a ‘surprise’ 
          english tea favourite; serve these cake buns warm on their own or with a Jam/preserve & clotted cream or simply jam/preserve. Available in vanilla or Fruit                                                                                


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