The Bakery Ethos

To produce utterly desirable cakes and desserts for your ultimate pleasure…
We Pioneer Indulgence; Drawing on art and food for inspiration, the Indulgent Sugar plum brings you exquisite desserts for your ultimate pleasure; This is not your average
 We intend no harm other than to justify all your sweet cravings and for your experience with us to be unique and like no other. From cake, brownies to cheesecakes there’s something for everyone and that ‘someone’ to feast their taste buds on…
So ‘REVEL’ in the pleasure that is…
The indulgent Sugar Plum


iT’S NOt just about THE cake; but a ‘lifestyle’ of pure lux; it’s the willingness to let yourself indulge in the moment within any surroundings –body, mind, heart and soul.
we cater for all occasions – pleasure/personal & corporate events
You can visit us at our Cake House at Inspire: St Peter’s Crypt, Liverpool Grove Se17 2HH                             Future events will be post on our Kitchen Antics page
If you’d like Enquire further about any of our products/services contact us via the ‘Order now’ page. Alternatively our email or call us on 07496141985